The Netatalk development team is proud to announce the latest release of the Netatalk 3.1 release series. Users are encourage to update their servers to the 3.1 release series which can be consideren stable enough for production systems.

Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP fileserver. A *NIX/*BSD system running Netatalk is capable of serving many Macintosh clients simultaneously as an AppleShare file server (AFP).

The suite contains:

  • netatalk – the main server service controller
  • afpd – the AFP file server daemin
  • cnid_metad – the CNID database multiplexing daemon
  • cnid_dbd – the CNID database daemon serving CNIDs for AFP volumes
  • various supporting programs and utilities

Summary of major new features and enhancements in 3.1

Please refer to the online manual for details about compiling Netatalk with Spotlight support and how to configure:

Please make sure to read the upgrading section in the Netatalk online manual before trying to upgrade your system from version 2:


Netatalk is a Free/Open Source Software project and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2). The full license text is available at:

Changes in 3.1.9

  • FIX: afpd: fix “admin group” option
  • NEW: afpd: new options “force user” and “force group”
  • FIX: listening on IPv6 wildcard address may fail if IPv6 is disabled, bug #606
  • NEW: LibreSSL support, FR #98
  • FIX: cannot build when acl is not defined, bug #574
  • UPD: configure option “–with-init-style=” for Gentoo: “gentoo” is renamed to “gentoo-openrc”, “gentoo-openrc” is same as “openrc”, “gentoo-systemd” is same as “systemd”.
  • NEW: configure option “–with-dbus-daemon=PATH” for Spotlight feature
  • UPD: use “tracker daemon” command instead of “tracker-control” command if Gnome Tracker is the recent version.
  • NEW: configure options “–enable-rpath” and “–disable-rpath” which can be used to forces etting of RPATH (default on Solaris/NetBSD) or disable it.
  • NEW: configure option “–with-tracker-install-prefix” allows setting an alternate install prefix for tracker when cross-compiling.
  • UPD: IPv6 support
  • UPD: show GSS-UAM SPNEGO blob
  • FIX: afpd: don’t use network IDs without LDAP, bug #621
  • FIX: afpd: reading from file may fail, bug #619
  • NEW: AFP clients should not be able to copy or manipulate special extended attributes set by NFS and SMB servers on Solaris, issue #36
  • FIX: ad: ad cp may crash, bug #622
  • UPD: Update Unicode support to version 9.0.0
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