Solaris, OpenIndiana


  • GCC runtime library (“system/library/gcc-45-runtime” on Solaris 11.1)
  • Perl
  • mDNS (“service/network/dns/multicast”)
  • OpenLDAP library (naming/ldap)


  • Kerberos Library (“system/library/security/gss” and “service/security/kerberos-5”)



  • Perl
  • LSB package (eg redhat-lsb on Fedora)
  • Avahi
  • OpenLDAP library


  • Kerberos Library (for Kerberos UAM)

Important note

Enable Extended Attributes support on all filesystems you plan to share with Netatalk as this is necessary for the new metadata backend. Otherwise you still end up with .AppleDouble files and folders.

Installation Instructions

Extract the compressed tarball, cd into the exctracted directory and then run `’ with the appropiate administrative privileges. This will install Netatalk into


and setup Netatalk to be automatically started at boot time. Any existing installation will be overwritten preserving your configuration. Only a few files are installed outside of /opt/netatalk:

  • initscripts and links
  • PAM configuration

These can be removed or added via the command


This command can also be used to start and stop Netatalk.

Install initscript, links and PAM config:

# /opt/netatalk/bin/afpctl activate

Remove initscript, links and PAM config:

# /opt/netatalk/bin/afpctl deactivate

Start Netatalk:

# /opt/netatalk/bin/afpctl start

Stop Netatalk:

# /opt/netatalk/bin/afpctl stop

The installer automatically calls the activate and start methods.



Currently the 3.1 package only supports Spotlight on Solaris and Openindiana.

  • install Tracker from OpenCSW (unstable catalog)
  • add this line to the global section in afp.conf
    dbus daemon = /opt/csw/bin/dbus-daemon
  • enable Spotlight indexing and searching
  • restart Netatalk



The license file is


The installer will install a demo license. Once you’ve received a valid license edit the file with a plaintext editor. Afterwards please restart Netatalk.